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Yeast Infection In Men and Ways To Prevent It

People might be wondering if yeast infection is only limited to women. But the fact is it does also affect men. The culprit is the Candida yeast. However, yeast is a normally occurring organism in the human body, problems arises if yeasts become over abundant making the body susceptible for infection. Fungi thrive in dark, warm and moist environment. This would include many areas in men’s body including the penis or more specifically, beneath the foreskin. infection in men

Knowing firsthand the causes of this ailment is the beginning of prevention of yeast infection in men. Causes of yeast infection are as follows: eating poorly or having imbalanced diet results in decreasing good bacteria and making it easier for the fungus to multiply. Abuse of antibiotics is another contributing factor. Consuming more than the prescribed dose kills off good bacteria which increase Candida fungi then causing infection. If there’s an overdose of antibiotic it would usually result to the body’s immune defenses crumbling.

On the other hand, certain medical conditions contribute to the body’s low immunity such as stress, low white blood cell count, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, stress and others more. A diabetic man has further chances of yeast infection since sugar in the urine becomes a catalyst for Candida fungi to grow and thrive. Researchers also believe that using condoms that contain nonoxynol-9 has been shown to promote yeast growth.

Sexual contact remains to be one of the reasons for infection. If the woman has yeast infection and has sexual intercourse with her male partner; spores of the fungus get transferred. Yeast spores pass in the woman’s urethra, come in contact and settles in the man’s prostate gland. Men who are alcoholic and drink a lot of beer are also prone to have yeast infections.

men in bedArmed with the knowledge of the causes isn’t complete without knowing its prevention. Yeast infection in men usually has indications of soreness, burning sensation and irritation at the head of the penis. This infection is accompanied by red painful sores or blisters. Frequent whitish discharge is considered a common symptom. Some may notice a smell associated with yeast.

Even though there are available over the counter medicines in your local drugstore to combat these types of diseases. It is best when infection is present to consult a doctor. Most physicians would prescribe antibiotics in capsule or cream form. Still, taking medication is not enough. Drugs eliminate the fungi but there is a chance of relapse because the imbalance hasn’t been taken care of.

It’s advisable to promote a healthy lifestyle starting with a healthy diet. Eating the right foods strengthen the immune system, hasten healing and introduce good bacteria as a natural prevention of yeast infection in men. With that said a source of good bacteria comes in the form of probiotics. These are available in milk by-products like yogurt. These restore healthy organisms and balance in the body. water for yeast infection

As always good hygiene play an important role in reducing and prevention of yeast infection in men. Washing genital areas and wearing clean undergarments promotes cleanliness. Plus it never hurts to have plenty of rest and drinking adequate clean water for better health.