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Is Diflucan Safe for Treating Thrush?

What is thrush, using Diflucan for thrush and is Diflucan safe to use – this is a common question for most people who are not aware of this infection and the safeness and effectiveness of Diflucan (an antifungal drug) in treating this infection. Well, this article shall give a brief description of thrush or otherwise known medically as candidiasis and the effectiveness of using Diflucan in curing it. candida albicans

Vaginal candidiasis is an irritating and discomforting kind of yeast infection brought about by Candida albicans. Also called as thrush, this condition would make one suffer everyday because of its annoying classic symptoms: vaginal itching, vaginal discharge, and severe burning and itching sensations in the vagina. What is really sad in this kind of infection is that usually, when one has vaginal candidiasis, or in simple terms, vaginal thrush, it is possible that other organs in the body may develop this one too such as the mouth, the pharynx and the bladder. Yes, candidiasis or thrush can involve multiple organs. How could this happen? The organism responsible for this condition is a fungus of the specie Candida albicans. This organism is actually naturally present in the human body such as the mouth, GIT, bladder, pharynx and vagina but their number is quite harmless. However, when some problems arise in the human body’s immune system, this specie multiplies and becomes strong thereby causing a condition known as candidiasis or thrush.

thrushMost people who ask: what is thrush, using Diflucan for thrush and is Diflucan safe for treating thrush, is often faced with great apprehensions in using antifungal drugs especially if they have existing medical conditions that they perceive as something which may contraindicate them from using the said drug. Well, for matters to be clear, Diflucan is a potent drug in combating Candidiasis fungal infection. Its generic name is fluconazole and it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration since January 1990 as safe to be sold and administered. However, certain conditions may disqualify a person from using this such as pregnant women and lactating mothers. Pregnant women must refrain from taking this drug as it may have negative effects to the fetus. The use of this drug for breastfeeding mothers has been controversial. Some drugs may also interfere with the effects of this drug. People with kidney, liver and heart diseases must be extra careful in taking this drug. It is wise to consult the physician first before taking any Diflucan. This drug is dispensed upon prescription.

For more information about what is thrush, using Diflucan for thrush and the sidepregnant women effects of this drug, it is rather wise to consult one’s primary health care provider and to search for additional information from other sources such as drug books and the Internet. However, be careful in screening information from the Internet as some may not be true. Next time, if someone asks “What is thrush, using Diflucan for thrush - is it safe?” answer the person with: thrush is a fungal infection. Using Diflucan for thrush is safe, except for pregnant mothers. But to be extra sure, visit a medical doctor first.