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Vaginal Candidiasis Prevention and Treatment

Vaginal infection prevention is serious matter.Topical cures are those approaches of treatment which are only active on the area where applied. This approach is the first choice when it comes in treating vaginal candidiasis. This approach in general, does wonders for mild to moderate cases of yeast infection in the vagina. These topical treatments include suppositories, tablets or creams. Most of these medications are readily available in a drugstore even without a prescription.

Majority of these topical cures are put directly into the vagina once or even twice in a day for 3 days or once daily for the next seven days. Longer courses, which take about 7 to 14 days may be more effective in women who are inflicted with HIV.

In general, topical cures do not cause any ill side effects; however, there is a small number of women who may experience vaginal itching, burning or skin rash. There are also a small number of women who experience headaches or cramps. Vaginal creams which are based on oil should be utilized with care as they may tend to weaken latex condoms and diaphragms.

If topical cure does not seem to improve the condition or if flare ups recur most of the time, you may be required to use a systemic medication. A single oral dose of Diflucan (fluconazole), is widely used in getting rid of the symptoms of vaginal candidiasis.

Follow these simple and basic guidelines to help prevent and treat vaginal discharge:

  1. Cleanliness and hygiene – always keep your genital area clean and dry. Stay away from the use of soap and rinse with water only

  2. Keep away from douching – while a lot of women feel cleaner if they douche after their period or intercourse, this actually aggravate vaginal discharge since it gets rid of the beneficial bacteria lining the vagina, which protects it from infection.

  3. Keep away from wearing extremely tight-fitting shorts or pants as this may also cause irritation

  4. Gentian violetWear only underwear made from cotton or cotton-crotch pantyhose. Keep away from wearing underwear which is made from nylon or silk since these materials are not too absorbent and restrict the flow of air. This can also promote sweating in the genital area which may lead to an irritation.

  5. Always maintain cleanliness especially with the use of sanitary pads.

  6. Keep away from making use of feminine hygiene sprays, powders and fragrances in the genital area.

  7. Make use of condoms to keep from spreading or catching sexually transmitted diseases

  8. For years, the gentian violet has been widely used in treating and preventing fungal infections. It is readily available even without a prescription; however, the doctor may have specific instruction for the prevention of vaginal candidiasis. As a means of prevention, gentian violet is applied directly into the affected areas with the use of a cotton swab once a week for about 1 month.

There is a strong link between what you eat and the overall condition of your immune system. Still, nutritional approaches in preventing and treating diseases such as vaginal candidiasis are controversial and complex. Although there really aren’t any magical recipes that can guarantee the prevention or treatment of yeast infections in everyone, following some primary guidelines may lessen the risk of yeasts to become a problem for you.